Awards and celebration

Salon Konepaja’s staff meeting was held with proper safety distance by the production on June 9-20. In the extension of the premises, which was introduced in March, more things were celebrated with cake and coffee. In addition to the new premises and successful machine investments, the cause was celebrated when our two long-term employees, Ari and Jari, filled the “rounds”. The results of the annual well-being at work survey, which were better than expected, were also published at the event. The coronavirus and the resulting layoffs had failed to undermine the excellent well-being and job satisfaction of the work community.

Juhanin 40v ansiomerkin anto
Juhani Kultarinnalle myönnettiin keskuskauppakamarin kultainen ansiomerkki tunnustuksena 40v jatkuneesta ansioituneesta ja sitoutuneesta työstä

A successful company needs skilled and committed employees. The event marked the first milestone in the company’s history. Juhani Kultarinna was awarded a gold medal awarded by the Central Chamber of Commerce in recognition of 40 years of meritorious and committed work. CEO Simo Halonen thanked Jussi at the award ceremony: “Jussi has been trusted, things have always been taken care of, he acts immediately and finishes only when it’s done”. Simo highlighted the appreciation of Jussi’s view on various issues, as they are based on decades of experience.

Juhani, Jari ja Ari kahvitettavana