Machining demanding products

We are at our best in the field of machined parts with strict tolerances and geometrical accuracy. The batch sizes can range from singular pieces to batches of several hundreds. Our materials include round bars, welded structures and castings and forgings. Surface- and heat treatments are part of our supply entity, as is hard machining after heat treatment.

Contract manufacturing

  • Custom-made solutions with 100% customer satisfaction
  • Flexible and reliable manufacturing
  • Product and manufacturing design in collaboration with the customer
  • Latest machining technology and competence
  • Open communication and cooperation
  • Logistics services
  • Subassemblies

Prototype manufacturing

  • Increase customer competitiveness through improved manufacturability.
  • Designing producibility in collaboration with the customer
  • Efficient utilisation of CAD/CAM tools

Spare parts manufacturing

  • Increased sales for customers with spare parts trade
  • Fast deliveries
  • logistic services

Project manufacturing

  • Advanced manufacturing method planning
  • Reliable, top-quality deliveries
  • Versatile machinery
  • Hardening and surface treatments through our partner network

Machined components for various industries

In marine and energy industry, our components are used mostly in large-scale engines. If needed, we arrange classification for the components. We have delivered components that comply with the requirements of, for example, LR, BV, DNVGL, and RINA.

In the mining and construction industry, our components are used, for example, in hammer drills and drilling equipment. Our typical deliveries for machinery and equipment used in demanding conditions include cast and forged products, as well as heat-treated and hard-machined components.

For the wood and paper industry, we manufacture components that are used, among others, in the finishing process of fine paper.

Our components can also be found in the products of other machine and equipment manufacturers, such as electric motors, food packaging machines, cranes, wastewater treatment plants, and hydraulic cylinders.

Openness is everything

Our product pricing and cost structure are transparent for the customer, which benefits our customers and, therefore, promotes our abilities to develop competitive products.

Delivery times top off the service

The majority of our production is based on contract manufacturing, including flexible stock and logistics services. The products are delivered from the stock within a few days.

For contract customers’ contract products, we offer:

  • Different heat and surface treatments in addition to machining
  • Open, transparent pricing
  • Improving producibility in collaboration with the customers’ design personnel
  • Logistics services
  • Fast deliveries
  • Subassemblies
  • Spare parts services
  • Various inspections and measurements: 3D-measuring, crack inspections etc.


Salon Konepajas machine resources table