Quality, environment, health and safety


The quality of our products and activities, flexible and expert service and on time deliveries are key elements of our services.

Products we manufacture have strict requirements. Purchasing special materials requires special attention, and we ensure the acquisition of top-quality raw materials by collaborating with suppliers who have earned our trust. Products can be individualised and tracked all the way back to the materials if the client requires. If needed, we arrange classification for the products.

Efficient direction and control of the production process allows us to ensure the precise tolerances of components to be manufactured. We carry out constant measurements in order to monitor the quality of our products during the production chain. We also use a 3D measuring machine in our quality assurance process.


We are constantly measuring our process and quickly respond to problems according to the principle of continuous improvement. We train our personnel so as to ensure that quality products are manufactured in the most efficient way possible. The versatility of our personnel guarantees the flexibility of our capacity and reliable delivery times.

We closely monitor the timeliness of deliveries, client feedback, internal activities and suppliers.
We handle possible non-conformities systematically together to prevent future problems.

Our quality system is ISO 9001 certified.


We track the impact our activities have on the environment, set environmental targets and monitor the meeting of those targets in order to ensure continuous improvement. Our goals include energy conservation, increased recycling, minimising harmful emissions and improving the environmental awareness of our personnel.

We comply with legal requirements. We are a member of the Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd.

Our activities are directed by the ISO 14001 standard.

Health and safety

ISO45001-certificate-SKPWe comply with legal requirements and prevent possible accidents e.g. by means of regular health and safety mappings. Every one of our employees is required to report any observed problems to supervisory staff. We instruct our personnel in the matter of safe working methods and train them e.g. for scenarios requiring first aid.

We constantly monitor the percentage of absences due to sickness and accidents, as well as the relationship between work accidents and working hours. Our sickness absence rate has been lower than the industry average for years.

Our occupational safety system is OHSAS 18001 certified.