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We are at our best when manufacturing recurring machined components. Series size in short-run production is typically 2-30 units, but we are also capable of reliably producing series of several hundred units.

Most of the products we manufacture take up less than 1 m³ of space. In addition, we machine axle- and roll-like components up to a length of about 4000 mm.

Materials vary from iron rods and welded plate structures to cast materials and forged materials.

With the help of our supplier network, our delivery chain can provide various coatings, heat treatments and painting.

Many of the products we manufacture include post-heat treatment hard machining.


Our production is in large part based on contract manufacturing, which allows us to play a larger role in improving the producibility of the client’s product. The service we provide to contract clients includes flexible storage and logistics services, and products can be delivered from the warehouse within a few days.

The open pricing of products and a transparent cost structure benefit both us and our client, and the result is an enhanced common understanding of the cost structure as well as a greater opportunity to develop competitive products.

Project deliveries are also part of our services. We make use of our skills, versatile machinery and supplier network in the production of individual components or singular products.

We also have experience of taking over production processes outsourced by our clients.

For contract clients’ contract products, we offer:

  • Open, transparent pricing
  • Improving producibility in collaboration with our client’s design personnel
  • Storage and logistics services
  • Fast delivery
  • Subassemblies
  • Spare parts services
  • Various kinds of heat and coating treatments in addition to machining
  • Various inspections and measurements: 3D measuring, crack inspections etc.

Project deliveries: typical products

  • Protomanufacturing
  • Other individual products
Stage Measuring ranges,methods etc. Annual capacity Tolerances
CNC milling centre, robot, 3D measuring, washing Max Ø630 x 2000, max weight 400 kg About 3 200 – 4 800 h IT6
CNC multi-purpose milling centres (3) Max Ø940 x 3000 About 9 600 – 14 400 h IT6
CNC milling (4) Max Ø480 x 2000 About 12 800 – 19 200 h IT6
Horizontal CNC machining centres (2) Max pallet 630 x 630 About 4 800 – 9 600 h Geometrical tolerances 0,01-0,015 mm
CNC machining centre Max 2200 x 560 x 720 About 3 200 – 4 800 h
5 axis CNC machining centre Max 700 x 800 x 800, 12 pallet automate About 3 200 – 4 800 h
Manual machining (3) Max Ø740 x 4000 About 3 200 h
Welding, soldering MIG/MAG & TIG, induction soldering About 1 600 h
Assembly About 1 600 h
3D measuring Max 2400 x 1200 x 1000 About 4 800 h 0,003 mm
Others Demagnetizing, inspection, packaging etc. About 3 200 h
Deliveries by subcontractors Hardening, polishing, painting, zinc plating etc.
Annual sum 2016 About 50 000 – 70 000h


High-quality machined components for various industries

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